A La Cart Healing Tools for Optimal Joy, Expression & Health!

So you want a jolt of empowerment, to heal a specific health issue or finally undo the root cause of a frustrating pattern in your life IN A QUICK BUT PROFOUND WAY?

You've come to the right place and page...

I've been blessed with amassing an amazing toolbox for helping you heal and clear the physical, energetic, emotional and mental patterns that have kept you feeling blocked, stuck and unwell for so long and it is with deep joy that I share these with you, to help you achieve remarkable clarity, love and health in efficient but truly profound ways!

Single sessions and packages are available.

Stay tuned for detailed pages describing each healing tool.  In the meanwhile, read the offerings below and contact my team HERE to schedule a session or for any questions.

  • NUTRIPUNCTURE Mineral Therapy for Relationship, Physical & Emotional Health

    Nutripuncture is one of the most powerful, effective therapies I have discovered to unblock the patterns that have kept us frustrated for so long in everything from physical ailments to relationship difficulties.  Rooted in Acupuncture, western medicine, physics and psychology, it uses specific, all-natural mineral complexes to rewrite the patterns of information inside our body and minds and free us to experience optimal health and living.  Discover the power of this magnificent tool to unblock you in every area of your life now!

    This modality has helped me become the empowered, embodied, happy and certain woman I am today; secure in who I am, what I know and what my boundaries and goals are in life. It helped me finally cut ties to relationships and patterns in the past that kept me from fully being me and being powerful as well as helped balance many physical ailments I experienced. Alone it is one of my go to tools for radical, deep transformation. Combined with my Empowered Woman Coaching, you’ll find you’ll move more rapidly and deeply in letting go of the past, remembering your brilliance and moving forward clear and free.

    Detailed description page coming soon!

  • CORE Inergetix Bioenergetic Analysis & Balancing

    Developed by leading-edge homeopath/physicists from Europe, this radionics-based bio-energetics device helps us both discover hidden causes of ailments, blocks and difficulties in every area of health and life as well as balance us at the informational and energetic bodies to finally bring about joy, vitality and ease.

    One of my favorite tools that takes us beyond what the linear mind of both the practitioner or the client can see. Also powerful supplement to coaching to help us discover hidden sources of sabotage, dis-ease and difficulties. Come be amazed by the oracle-like readings from CoRe analysis and the relief and movement you’ll experience from balancings.

    Detailed description page coming soon!

  • Bio-Individual NUTRITION & Holistic Health Coaching

    Food is one of the most powerful medicines!  Food is one of the most joyous forms of pleasure.  Food can also be one of the greatest causes of disease and imbalance, resulting not just in physical discomforts and ailments, but often in some of the many challenges we attribute to our psychology and mind – mood swings, irritability, depression, confusion and lack of focus.

    Learn to feed your body properly and you will unlock the key not just to amazing vitality and health, but you will help yourself experience the grounded confidence, focus and clarity of self you so long for as well!!

    And in good ol Shirly Joy style, eating is always both nutritious and delicious.  That’s the only way I’ll have it and the only way its gotta be.

    Since no two bodies are alike, I create a program specifically for you based on your body type, lifestyle, health needs, goals and of course, taste!!! I combine my years of training in modern, functional nutrition, western/eastern tonic herbs, raw/living foods cuisine, traditional chinese medicine nutrition and more to create a powerful program where you will feel deeply nourished on every level, experience unbounded energy and clarity and supercharge your life… all while eating the most delicious, nutritious foods!!!

    Detailed description page coming soon!


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