“Ready to Shine” Breakthrough Session Application

...The Greatest Journeys Always Begin With One Step...

Congratulations! By filling out this application, you are finally saying yes to your mission, your greatest self and what is sure to be one of the most fulfilling & empowering journeys you'll ever take.

..... You can stop playing small and rise into your leadership destiny feeling empowered, supported and clear.

..... You can confidently own your role as teacher, lightworker or healer (be it through your work or just your steady, loving presence) and know you are leaving a trail of good in your world.

..... You can unleash the deep brilliance, creativity and wisdom that is bursting at the seams to come through you as a change-maker and as a woman, mother, friend or wife.

And choosing to gift yourself the deep confidence and soul-purpose activating support you’ll get through Shirly's 1-on-1 mentoring and group programs is a powerful way there.

In our “Ready to Shine” Breakthrough Session, we’ll explore…

* Your dreams, visions and missions yearning to come through you

* The challenges and blocks that have kept you on the sidelines or playing small

* The unique next steps we can take together to help you shed doubt, confidently rise into your destiny and unleash the inner Brilliance and Power available to all to make a great impact efficiently, powerfully and joyfully.

Note: Submitting this application does not guarantee your acceptance into the program nor commit you to the program.

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