From shy, depleted & lost to empowered, happy & fulfilled.

Hi! I'm Shirly Joy Weiss.

I'm Here to Help You
Find your JOY, Live your PURPOSE & Make your IMPACT.

Translation - I’m here to help you live the life you're meant to live!

You’re in the right place if your heart just skipped a beat. You’re in the right place if you felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of living the amazing life of joy, connection, meaning, fulfillment and love you've always imagined.

And don’t worry—you’re in the right place even if you felt a twinge of fear. It’s okay, I understand.

But if something inside you just sat up and sang at the idea of spreading your wings more fully…then I can guarantee you’re in the right place.  Because here’s the truth:  You were MEANT TO BE & DO MORE... And you’ve always known it.

I know this because I WAS ONCE WHERE YOU ARE.

For years I lived that “almost” life.

A life, seemingly good from the outside, yet inside I felt off, unfulfilled.
A life I had worked hard to manifest, while mistakenly ignoring my soul’s true call.

Shirly Joy Weiss, MA is a master practitioner of
holistic transformational therapies for the feminine
body & soul. To read her official bio, click HERE.

I seemed to have it all. I had a fabulous job in the Manhattan art scene. I had relationships that, on the surface, looked great. I was surrounded by tons of people and had action-packed weekends. My days were filled with exactly what I’d asked for: status, responsibilities, glamour, connections, big city culture and non-stop activity.

Yet, even with all those accomplishments, something wasn't right.

….No matter how far I advanced in my career….
….No matter how hard I worked on my relationships….
….No matter how often I exercised….
….No matter how hard I worked on my life….

True happiness eluded me.

I felt supressed,  depressed, and that on many levels I was settling.

My job didn’t bring me real joy. My relationships felt disconnected. I covered up painful insecurity with forced smiles (and lots of food and alcohol). My weight yo-yoed as much as my self-esteem. I was confused and
anything but fulfilled.

I felt fatigued, stressed, stuck and depressed.

And, I was plagued by the question: Why did this not feel like the life I was meant to live?
Deep within I had a relentless knowing I was here to live a fulfilling life, and mostly, I was here to make a great impact on my family, my friends, my world.

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I got my final kick in the pants the day my body gave out.

I was barely 22 years old and already depleted physically, spiritually and mentally. The daily effort to be perfect, achieve recognition, be loved, and cover up my seemingly endless inner demons, insecurity and self-doubt got the best of me. I was in pain, and now not just emotionally. I needed help and fast.

At first, I reached out to medical doctors who speculated about the cause of my debilitating symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, depression, eczema, joint pain, digestive issues, insomnia and crippling muscle aches. Within minutes they were withdrawing blood and throwing about possibly diagnoses.

In that moment, no matter what they said, I came to realize deep down, what was wrong. And I knew the answer would not come from blood tests.

I was living a LIFE NOT TRUE TO ME.

I was over-worked, under-recognized and chasing all the wrong things. I wasn’t trusting my own inner power. I was constantly second guessing myself, pleasing others and feeling not enough. And I certainly wasn’t making the impact I felt I was here to make.

My soul was not being fed.

I made the decision, that day, to make a change.

I left my depleting, over-masculine job. I ended relationships that had been built on the old fears and insecurities. I stopped abusing my body with excess food, alcohol and partying. I even relocated across the country, returning to my roots.

I started on a journey of deep self-discovery and education.
For me, that meant awakening my love of healing, nurturing and teaching. It meant getting a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and advanced trainings in Psychosynthesis and developmental psychology. It meant rediscovering my love of healthy, natural food, studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and becoming an expert in raw cuisine and tonic herbs.

I studied energy medicine, Nutripuncture, nature connection, conscious language, sound healing, sacred body language translations, family dynamics, sacred femininity and gender expression.

I practiced yoga with discipline, ecstatic dance with sheer abandon and as I began to follow my passions, discovered that real joy was not the result of alcohol or drugs. I dove deeply into exploring the sensuality of my body, what it meant to be a woman and experienced the power of letting my femininity rule. I also made peace with religion and developed an unshakeable, embodied spiritual connection that would prove to be my greatest north star of all.

I was a sponge; finally allowing myself everything my soul had been longing for.

I finally experienced what it felt to be fully present, embodied and alive... feeling my world deeply, following my bliss and curiosities and letting my joy and love wildly radiate out.

Within months of tapping into my true self, femininity & purpose, I was a new person.

.... My insomnia and eczema disappeared.
... I dropped 25 pounds effortlessly.
... I found an energy and vitality that I didn’t know were possible.
... I was no longer depressed, anxious or in pain.
... I was in love!

Shirly Weiss-hairI felt completely revived, connected to myself, to my purpose, and to the world I was consciously creating and impacting. By the time I was 24 years old, I had already started a holistic health practice. I was traveling the world, working with incredible clients, meeting amazing people and feeling part of deep, heart-centered community.

Now this new new-found joy wasn't just from living my purpose, it was also the result of having discovered the hidden patterns that kept me feeling powerless and small and the result of being led, as if by perfect divine design, to discovering unique ways to transform those patterns powerfully as no one had been able to help me before.

You see, this is what happens when you are following your heart's desires and living your purpose, MAGIC. Magic unfolds and you are led to the perfect experiences and tailor-made support structures for your unique path and purpose to unfold.

And through this journey is how I came to my greatest discovery of all - the discovery of my unshakeable core, my loyal inner voice, and my amazing power to manifest as a soul and through my feminine essence. And I realized how to create a life of love, meaning, joy and service not through the old effort, fighting and striving but through ease, authenticity and lots of play. I was finally back in my body, relishing in my beauty and feminine power, and back in my truth, letting my joy - not my head - lead the way.

And I’ve been unstoppable ever since.

Once I found my purpose, accessed my inner power, and tapped into my unique gifts, my world began to change in ways I never imagined.  I felt empowered, fulfilled, on purpose and in love!

And the same can happen for you.
You see, once you identify your true purpose in life, your destined path, everything becomes available to you.

> Once you gain mastery over the patterns and competing intentions driving your actions…
> Once you learn how to master your feminine energy...
> Once you learn to listen to the power of your own inner wisdom...
> Once you start harnessing your power to create your destiny...

Your true life begins to unfold in front of you.

A life where...
... You wake up excited about each day and what you’ll accomplish.
... You’re surrounded with people who support and nurture you, and you them.
... You have a career that energizes and inspires you and utilizes the unique gifts that only you possess.
... You radiate happiness that only comes from a confident sense of self and security.
... You are in love; with yourself, with others, with life.

And mostly, you feel empowered, knowing you have the power within you to brave any storm and to create joy, love and good all around you, the ultimate purpose we're all here to take on.


Unsure of what the next step on your journey is?

Don’t worry.  Showing you how to find your purpose is my purpose.

Guiding you through the process of discovering how to get the most out of your life, is what my life is about.

And if you’re ready to start, if you can’t deny yourself any longer, then you’re in the right place.

Because…you know.
You know despite all the work you’ve done on yourself, you’re longing to be more.
You know despite all of your accomplishments, you were meant to do more.
You know that with guidance, support, & a loving nudge, you'll find the life you’ve been waiting for.

A life where you’re living empowered, directing your destiny, in control of your happiness, secure in who you are and what you’re doing.

I believe you were brought here for a reason.

I believe you are on the verge of doing something great. I believe you are on the verge of living the life you were always meant to live. I believe the strength you need to do that, already lives inside you.

And I know I can help you access that strength so you can find your joy, live your purpose and make your impact.

Maybe your change won’t be as radical as mine. Maybe you don’t need to uproot your entire life. That’s perfect too.

Even if the change you need to make is small, you’re in the right place.

Through my videos, my blog posts and my newsletter I’ll show you a step-by-step process for discovering the life you were born to live. And, I’ll give you the tools to access the inner strength necessary to live that life.

Welcome to the Empowered Woman's Journey.  Your greatest life has been waiting...


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