About the Creator, Shirly Joy Weiss, MA, HHC

About Shirly Joy Weiss, MA, HHC

Shirly Weiss, an expert in holistic health and spiritual developmental psychology, has dedicated her life to the expansion of consciousness and well-being in her community and specifically to providing comprehensive inside-out support for the women and leaders here to uplift our planet alongside her.

She has been an international spiritual counselor, teacher and performance coach to aspiring change-makers, coaches, celebrities and purpose-driven women for over 15 years. In her extensive studies in psychology, consciousness and energy, she discovered powerful methods to help clients get unstuck, release tenacious blindspots and doubt and discover their value in a direct, embodied way that unleashes the innate clarity, confidence and courage we all ALREADY have inside. It is through this that we finally leap into and experience the joyful life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment we feel meant for.

Having moved herself from debilitating insecurity to experiencing the peace, confidence and contentment that emerges when our true radiant Self leads, she guides her clients to know the unshakable Presence within so that they not only feel unstoppable willingness, clarity and confidence on their path, they model the new paradigm leader who naturally expresses the inexhaustible energy, vision, love and faith of our true Self. Beyond business strategy and mindset, this is how the spiritual leader in you comes to life and truly succeeds.

Education & Certifications
- Master’s in Spiritual Psychology - University of Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA)
- 2-year master’s level training program in Psychosynthesis Transpersonal Psychology - The Synthesis Center (Amherst, Mass)
- Certified Nutripuncture Practitioner  - Training focused on Gender Expression, Relationship Dynamics, Physical/Emotional/Sexual Trauma, Cellular Communication and Life Stages with Dr. Patrick Veret & Dr. Filiz Bakir (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl)
- Certified Holistic Health &  Nutritional Counselor - Institute for Integrative Nutrition  (New York, NY)
- Certified in IntelliBee Human Relationship Dynamics & Developmental Psychology with Psychologist/Professor Armando Elias, Creator of the IntelliBee Educational System
- Certified in Outcome Facilitation, Sacred Body Language Translations, Bio-Optic Holography (iridology) & Instructor of Language of Mastery by Robert Tennyson Stevens, Creator of Mastery Systems
- Certified Holographic Sound Healer Practitioner
- Certified Pre-Natal Parenting Instructor
- Certified Inergetix CoRe Quantum Bioresonance & Biofeedback Practitioner

Additional Course Work/Trainings
- APPPAH Congress on Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology
- Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
- Live/Raw Cuisine
- Chinese Tonics Herbs
- Ecology of Leadership Program at the Regenerative Design Institute (Bolinas, CA)
- Next Generation Leadership Program at the Center for Whole Communities (Vermont)
- Permaculture Design Certificate from EarthFlow Designs
- 8-Shields Art of Mentoring Program with Jon Young

Practitioner of the Following Nutrition & Energy Medicine Systems
- Nutripuncture Supplemental Therapy for Body-Mind Vitality
- Rising Star Healing System
- Reiki Master & Golden Reiki Practitioner
- CoRe Energetic Radionics Frequency Balancing

Shirly is also Bilingual/Bicultural in Spanish/English.


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