What Women are Saying about Working with Shirly Joy...

I started to experience changes after one session with Shirly, it was THAT quick; My perspective was shifted in just one hour and it immediately felt like I was finally coming home. It rocked me to my core. Before that I was feeling blocked, depressed, isolated but did not know how to step out. I could feel something was stirring in the depths of my soul, wanting to birth out of me and yet, I did not know how to access it no matter how many tools I had or how conscious I was.

Shirly has a unique ability to reach into your soul, pull out your deepest truth and shine it in your face with such clarity, love and intelligence. She challenges your way of thinking yet in the most gentle, loving, safe and supportive way. She helped me to really see me, to see my worth, my innocence, to see my beauty on a deeper level than ever before.

Today I wake up with excitement, know the goddess that I am and I feel my relationship with the divine. I am now living my life deeply on purpose and it will only continue to expand. I encourage anyone who knows they have something to offer, who feels this calling deep in their soul, who knows that life can be better but is not sure what to do, to jump in. You are here for a reason. Allow yourself the gift of being held by a loving, supportive, incredibly intuitive, powerful leader of our world. Be prepared for your life to transform in powerful, incredible ways. Be prepared to step into a life beyond your wildest imagination. You are worth it!"

Caitlyn Hayes, Founder of The Conscious Tree Chocolates & Conscious Living Facilitator

Working with Shirly has been such a wonderful experience. I came to her seeking to experience fulfillment and the ability to love freely and fully. Her intuitive, loving and sincere style of coaching and connecting are such a breath of fresh air. She has been so helpful as she is able to really tune in to deeper parts of the pschye and soul that may be overlooked or taken for granted. She has helped me to become aware of binding habits that I did not even realize I had been holding on to.  I'm so excited about the improvements I've made so far in every area of my life.  I have heartfelt gratitude for her."

Elizabeth Hogan, Physician Assistant, Mother of 3

Shirly is a miracle worker. Her methods are life changing and transforming. She has such a beautiful ability to  hear between the words to the truth my soul is speaking... It has been euphoric for me most of the times & the shifts are so fast when I see her!"

Lisbeth Scott, Singer/Songwriter and Musician

“Working with Shirly has been a life changing experience for me. I am becoming more aware of what held me back from having my true heart’s desire. I have let go of many old belief systems and have transformed them into new ways of living and thinking that have brought balance, abundance and joy back into my life. In just a few months, I've seen my confidence expand, my stress levels drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds. I'm so glad that I started this journey.

Jeanne Verger, Jewelry Designer and Owner of Jeanne Verger Designs

When I started working with Shirly, I was depressed and felt like a failure in life, especially as a conscious entrepreneur, parent and wife. I was on the verge of divorce and my career was going nowhere. I had tried psychologists before without much results but working with Shirly has completely transformed my life. Shirly has an uncanny sense of the human psyche and through my work with her, I have figured out my core negative beliefs and transformed them into magnificent positive beliefs. With her amazing ability to laser in on the exact hidden source of my problems, she has helped me resolve my ties with the past; I no longer see my life through the lens of past hurt and instead see the positive everywhere.

Our work gave me a faith in the Universe that I didn’t have before. Today, I feel loved, blessed, no longer take everything personally and simply feel grounded and relaxed about life. With the newfound confidence, I jump into projects wholeheartedly and am creating the career of my dreams.  I look beyond fear and follow my dreams.

One of the best results of our work is how I have been able to transform my marriage. I have learned what triggers me in my marriage and how to work with those triggers so that I can accomplish the love and peace I’ve desired in my relationship. We are so much happier and I am confident we will stay together.  As to my parenting, Shirly has taught me many great parenting skills that have brought me closer to my children. I am so much more in control of my behavior and able to show up like the conscious, loving mother my children deserve.

Simply, thanks to Shirly, I am reborn in confidence and magnificence.  I was originally hesitant to hire her because of the cost, and now have to say Shirly is worth every penny I paid and more.  I am so happy I made this investment in myself. I think that everyone should work with Shirly.

Be warned because Shirly will make you work hard to be the best that you can be.  She is not afraid to be honest and tell you how it is.  This work on transforming myself is the best work I have every taken on.  I look into the future with a positive outlook that surpasses no other, and it is all thanks to saying a great big YES to myself and to working with Shirly.  Thank you so much for all of your love and guidance, Shirly.  You are truly a priceless gem and I will always love you!"

Jessica Gabbay, Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor & Mother of 2

My expectations for my work with Shirly have way been surpassed and my experience has been life changing. I went from a place where I felt I had no control, was depressed and felt like a victim of circumstance to a place where I now feel I have full control, am happy, conscious, and create a reality where I receive the good I put out. 

Shirly is open, honest, inspiring, positive, knowledgable, receptive, non judging and a profound life changer.  She gave me new perspectives on everything and helped me go from dwelling on the past and reliving stories over and over to giving me the ability to create and finally experience new, healthier stories and greater truth. 

Shirly makes people more positive just with her outlook while allowing you to discover your own.  She helps you put things into a new perspective, regain control and change your life from the inside out, without ever having to change anything necessarily in your physical reality. She shows you how to use what you already have and see it as perfection meant to work with and for you. 

I also love how she gives practical application to incorporate spiritual & psychological concepts. I now fully understand my power to master my thoughts and feelings and create my reality. 

I think back to the moment we had our first talk and how my life as changed since that day. It was through her joy, love, guidance, and positive being that has allowed me to create a beautiful space both inward and around me. Words will never be enough to thank Shirly for guiding me to shine again. It is an amazing journey and recommend her work, even for people who aren't going through a crisis."

Natasha Meadus, Pediatric Nurse

When I decided to contact Shirly, I didn’t have a specific issue rather I felt I was coming down from a high peak in my life, where I had been very happy, celebrating the achievement of many goals, but had begun to feel anxious. I found myself with lots of new opportunities and was feeling confused and unsure about my next steps. Working with Shirly was crucial in giving me the space to open up and talk about feelings, emotions, concerns and ideas with someone I felt I could trust and would mirror a positive and expanded way of looking at things.

Our work has allowed me to develop greater patience, faith and confidence in myself, both physically and spiritually. I feel I understand things in a much more beautiful and humble way and naturally see situations positively. Thanks to the deep transformational work, I released many hidden limited beliefs and now truly feel everything can work! I feel more open, I have more faith in life and value myself significantly more.

Working with Shirly opened the door to a new and beautiful reality, where things are seen from a positive, soul-focused point of view, where I learn from what I live while improving and connecting with myself. I’ve received much more than support and guidance, I’ve developd a new definition and way of seeing life that is empowering and beautiful. I've grown in a deep way."

Karina Chocron, Multidisciplinary Designer, Founder of Vertical Loop Digital Design Studio

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