Spiritual Leadership & Soul-Purpose Activation
for the modern awakening woman here to make a difference!

My mentorship programs are for women, entrepreneurs and leaders ready for a life of passion, service, meaning and most importantly, deep inner peace.

I see you, I get you, I've been where you are... at times outrageously clear, connected and enthusiastic to leap into the unknown mystery of this great Life, at other times depressed, stuck and anxious, longing to discover your power and unleash your gifts but paralyzed deeply in doubt.

Just like that subtle voice within you, I stand for your greatness and the necessary gifts, beauty and love ONLY YOU are here to bring through.

I have experienced the magic, beauty and blessings-beyond-your-wildest-dreams that await for you on the other side of fear and am here as a divine escort to help you clear away and re-write the beliefs, patterns and insecurities that have kept you from living your purpose, power and path as a vehicle of transformation, love and light.

Through our work, you will finally eradicate the sneakiest of self-sabotage and frustrating patterns enabling you to more easily create the fulfilling life of positive impact you know you are here to have.  You will gain the tools and perspective that will completely transform how you view yourself, how you approach relationships and how you handle the ebb and flow of each moment.  You will discover & cultivate your beauty, unique gifts and the distinct role you are here to play.  And mostly, you will awaken the powerful creator you are and your magnificent feminine essence to finally create in joyful, soulful ways that rather than deplete you, enliven and support you, and simply guide you to fall in love (with yourself, others and life!).

By the end, you’ll become an awakened woman who radiates true soul-confidence, ease, purpose and joy.  Your life path will become ignited, fulfilling, pleasurable and aligned.  You will feel the joy that comes with being aligned with your soul and path, having the power to handle what comes your way and expressing your feminine essence. You’ll love more, feel more you, live more and finally come to enjoy life as a beautiful dance.


What kind of woman will benefit from my Confidence-and-Soul-Power-Activating,
Divine-Path-Igniting and Fulfilling-Life-Creating mentoring and coaching?


  • Discover how your life journey prepared you perfectly for what you are here to contribute.
  • Connect deeply and align with your soul to discover what you truly desire (and were made to do).
  • Masterfully let go of the doubts, patterns and limitations that kept you from living a fulfilling, soul-led life of impact.
  • Learn how to combine all your unique gifts and interests to create the life work of your dreams.
  • Develop a profound self-confidence in yourself and life so that you finally move forward in creating an inspired life with joy, willingness and faith.


  • Discovery what has really held you back from living your gifts & transform them with amazing speed and ease!
  • Develop a true confidence in your highest self, your inner guidance, your value and your skills that will have you set your visions in motion in a joyful, excited and confident way!
  • Organize your thoughts, desires and projects in ways that inspire action and ensure joyful productivity.
  • Learn how to share your message and gifts with confidence and in a manner that your tribe connects to.
  • Laser in and transform hidden beliefs and patterns that kept you in hiding, playing small and from living the life you know you are here to live!
  • Let go of limiting fears around money and possibility and step into a joy-filled enthusiasm that has you awaken each morning excited for what is ahead!
  • Develop the mental, emotional and physical stamina and fire that keeps you going strong, energized and productive every second of the way.


  • Discover the root cause of your struggles (be they PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL or FINANCIAL struggle) and learn how to transform it for your benefit, growth and ease.
  • Redefine how you view yourself, life, money, creativity and work to enable a more fruitful relationship with your purpose where you work less, achieve more and feel more fulfilled.
  • Master creativity, manifestation and mindset to enable powerful and efficient sharing of your gifts and vision that have a big impact and nourish you on every level instead of deplete you!
  • Unearth your hidden blind spots and conflicting beliefs keeping you from experiencing greater happiness, ease and success.

It is for today's modern, spiritual woman who knows she is here to do something special and
discover, express and enjoy the unique role she is here to play in the uplifting of our world...

It is for the aspiring change-making woman ready to share her gifts in an exciting, fulfilling way...
(independent of how near or far on the journey you are!).

It is for the modern, awakening woman on the verge of emerging her greatest Self and creating her greatest life of soulful impact and contribution...
(independent of how clear you are on what it is or how possible you think it is!).


The Conversation To Help You Break Through


This juicy, intimate and profound work is not a magic quick fix but it is magical...

It is a powerful direct route to stop recreating the same old blasé, mediocre, settled life where you longingly watch from the sidelines everyone around you express, create and experience adventure and fulfillment...

It is a transformational journey to FINALLY become the star of your beautiful, supportive universe bringing you constant blessings, beauty and synchronicities in support of your mission as an agent and instrument for great love, transformation and life-enhancing innovation to come through into our world.

I am dedicated to hold you, love you and joyfully stretch you into your potential (yes, the Empowered Woman's Way of stretching is JOYFUL not dreadful) and for this we have to make sure we are a good fit!

In this breakthrough session, we'll jump right in to discover what is holding you back, tap into what it is your heart and soul truly long for and help you begin to breakthrough right away into your visions and desires.  It is a powerful session that will ignite your forward momentum and confidence while giving us both the opportunity to see if we gel and choose to embark on this extraordinary life-expanding journey together.

To apply for your PATH ACTIVATING CLARITY SESSION, go here:

Once you apply for your session, if we determine you are a good fit and ready for this transformational, path activating work, someone from my team will contact you to schedule your session and get you on your way.


Ready to receive all the tools from the 1-on-1 journey plus the beauty, fun and support of a tribe of like-minded women on the path of joy and empowerment such as you, our group programs are for you!  We only offer them a few times a year and so sign up here to get on the waiting list for our next one: