Shirly's Story: From Playing Small to Standing Tall in my Gifts 

Hi! I'm Shirly Joy Weiss.

I'm a soul-purpose activating, brilliance instigating, consciousness elevating and Soul confidence boosting Spiritual Leadership Coach for women here to make an impact...

YOU are one those one-of-a-kind pioneering women who has a deep calling. A great spiritual mission you're here to achieve.

And while you're passionate about your work, your life, your calling...

If you're like most modern leaders and creatives, you're also likely very frustrated, exhausted and stressed... Even after years of self-development, you still doubt and fumble through the path you're meant for, struggling to stay centered, struggling with clarity on how to best move forward, struggling with confidence, energy levels, consistency, insecurity, worry and for many of you, just down right even playing small.

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I deeply get your vision and your struggles. I also get that a multi-faceted, powerful woman like you can't get just any performance, therapist or life coach to support her mission. You need something deeper. Someone who won't fill you with time-consuming techniques that are meant to slowly build you up (your life and mission don't have time for that). Someone who gets you at the core who will help you finally know your true, unshakable, brilliant nature deeply and help you live, create and lead from there.

And that is where I come in.

I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping you finally discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE and experience the deep sense of clarity, confidence and courage that naturally emerges and has you leap into the level of service and creativity you are meant for. Combining that with years of supporting entrepreneurs, change-makers, leaders and teams to align with their true mission, discover how to most effectively share and inspire others around it, and mostly, unearth the unshakeable resilience and creative power they ALREADY have inside to make it happen, I help bring powerful visions to life in a way that is both transforming for you and highly impactful for those you will serve.

My aim is to unleash a generation of new-paradigm spiritually-sourced creatives and leaders being led from a higher Wisdom and unlimited source of love/potential that simply their presence becomes an agent of good, innovation and inspiration in our world. 

This is recipe for happiness and for changing our world. And it is my honor to facilitate the unleashing of such radiant, wise and confident leaders, no longer held back by the many difficulties most of face in modern society - exhaustion, rapid change, stress, competition and fear - rather moving, leading and creating from a deep space of understanding, faith, clarity and unshakeable inner strength.

"If you're part of this rising tribe of visionaries living on the edge of evolution..."

If you're no longer willing to sit on the sidelines longing for the day when you finally feel "ready" or "enough" and instead are ready to discover your true value and mission, unearth the deepest source of strength, wisdom and resilience in you and confidently experience the path of purpose that has been summoning you for so long today... then you're in the right place!


Oh this journey is more powerful, fulfilling and activating than you can imagine.

Its also deeply personal and sacred.

For that and more, I feel beyond blessed and excited to be your partner in helping you awaken to your value, gifts and vision and help you effectively awaken our world with your mission. Consider me your private deep transformation & spiritual counselor, soul empowerment coach and conscious business igniter all in one.

Simply said, I'm here to help you help our world by helping you discover the brilliant, confident, ignited presence you already are and the gifts and mission waiting eagerly to come through you into our world!

  •  I will help you grow leaps and bounds in your own consciousness, peeling away and transforming the stories that kept you in doubt, hiding or seclusion not only from the world but from yourself...
  • I will help you ignite a confidence so deeply rooted in your soul, there will be nothing left to do but confidently shine your light and express yourself.
  • I will help you decipher, clarify and translate the message and brilliance in your heart into a sacred calling and thriving transformational business led by your soul that you deeply enjoy.
  • And I will support you in developing such a deep sense of self, purpose, and confidence that all perfectionism falls to the way side and you just naturally and enthusiastically share and express your self - the ultimate vehicle for love and transformation you came here to be.

This is about expanding your consciousness as much as it is about igniting your life purpose
(being your greatest self is your ultimate life purpose after all).

This is about helping you discover your wholeness and the inextinguishable source of inspiration, clarity, wisdom and energy within you that you move forward feeling unstoppable, clear and only ever leading from the most pure and empowered source inside.

And this is about helping you understand your message and how to communicate it so authentically and effectively that you connect, move and inspire those around you and those you touch with power and grace!

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You don't have to be a super confident extrovert (trust me, I was a super shy introvert).
Don't worry if you feel like a fraud or that you need more training (I also did for years).

But I will be frank (as I always lovingly am)...

Owning your gifts and vision and developing it into a conscious THRIVING mission takes a lot more than inspiration and business strategy... it takes being aligned with your soul and being connected to the deepest source of strength, wisdom and confidence within so that you are resilient, consistently clear, magnetic and miraculously supported on your path...

This is the way that is available to us now.
This is the only way I know your soul will let you embark on your sacred path.
And this is the way I'm committed to ushering you on.

And all it takes is for you to...

. . . 1) Have a calling to live a life of deep fulfillment, self-actualization and abundance where you make a difference and help uplift our planet,
. . . 2) Say YES to this path you know you're destined for (even if you have no clue as to the next step, feel not ready or that you have what it takes).


For 15+ years I chased certification after certification, getting my masters and multiple graduate degrees and trainings in holistic healing, consciousness, spiritual and transpersonal psychology, energy medicine and more...

And for years I continued to hide out, play small, stall and withhold myself from truly jumping in with both feet into the destiny and mission that awaited me. Between the constant confusion as to my what my gifts or niche were or wondering if I really had what it took, there was always another training I "needed" and another project that required my attention (or just sheer paralysis from perfectionism, insecurity and feeling like a fraud).

When I did get out, I did so with such hesitation and white-knuckling through fear that my results were short-lived and my experience dread-filled.

And year after year I hoped I would finally feel ready, good or trained enough to truly put myself out there but the confidence and courage I longed for continued to elude me.

What's worse is that the more I stalled, the worse I felt and I found myself night after night wondering...

"How come I'm stuck even with all the self work I've done & how conscious I am!?"

But the hidden fear-filled part inside all of us is that covert and sneaky,
and we could be super trained and very well intended,
saying all kinds of positive affirmations and intentions, learning all kinds of business strategy, 
and still be unknowingly holding ourselves back, stalling and playing small!

We can talk and talk all about our vision and never actually make it a realized, thriving mission!

And after a decade of this, I began to feel a deep heaviness in my heart...

However, it wasn't only due to my hiding out and playing small, but also because in my large conscious community, I was witnessing far too MANY other gifted aspiring healers, coaches and change-makers do the exact same thing... play small, chase certifications for validation, stall in constant indecision and hide out!

One fortunate day, stressed to my limit about money, next steps and my future, I hit rock bottom! And suddenly, clearly moved by a greater force that knew how deep my gifts ran and the greater mission I was meant for, I was struck by an unshakeable urge to break through no matter what it took!

I just refused to wake up at 70 with my gifts still inside!

(Our gifts are too important and our world needs them too much!)

And the intensity of my commitment catapulted me into the most surprising, powerful and revealing healing journey where I was guided to the mentors, insights and understandings that not only helped me finally experience the courage and deep seated confidence to get out into the world...

I came to know my true brilliance and an unshakable faith in the universe at such a deep level, it unearthed a power, steadiness and willingness that feels inexhaustible and simply, unstoppable in using me as a vehicle for good in the world... a role I've surrendered to with utmost humility and welcoming... a path that continues to offer me blessings as I help transform my world.

Shirly Weiss-hair


  • I have a thriving coaching practice where I wake up grateful, enthusiastic and joyously jump into the tasks ahead...
  • I get to connect to and ignite the most beautiful women who are choosing to let go of the fears and limitations and have a partner at their side that helps them claim and embark on a fulfilling life of soulful purpose and connection in an effective, spirit-led way...
  • I get to do what I choose with my days, feeling a deep freedom and utmost love from and for life!

And it all began with my willingness to say YES and do whatever it took to receive the destiny I knew was mine.

More so, in the end this journey I thought was going to be so scary came to be the greatest, most fulfilling journey I've taken to this day.

And this is what I am committed to sharing with you today...

Not just giving you the profound inner transformation, confidence and business tools to help you break through into your meaningful purpose and fulfillment effectively...

But to get you to know yourself and your universe so deeply, you move forward and lead from a place of such steadiness, integrity, deep faith and inexhaustible energy, just your being is a healing presence in our world! (and what my journey revealed is that it wasn't the hard, unreachable dream I thought it would be!)

Yes, I am committed to supporting a new generation of leaders pioneering a new way of leading from our wholeness, our soul, our faith...

We came here to do this.

I know you're one of us and it is my greatest joy and blessing to help you shed whatever has been holding you back so you can finally take on this most fulfilling, joyous, growth-expanding role you know is yours!


Unsure of what the next step on your journey is?

Don’t worry.  Showing you how to find your purpose is my purpose.

Guiding you through the process of discovering how to get the most out of your life, is what my life is about.

And if you’re ready to start, if you can’t deny yourself any longer, then you’re in the right place.

Because…you know.
You know despite all the work you’ve done on yourself, you’re longing to be more.
You know despite all of your accomplishments, you were meant to do more.
You know that with guidance, support, & a loving nudge, you'll find the life you’ve been waiting for.

A life where you’re living empowered, directing your destiny, in control of your happiness, secure in who you are and what you’re doing.

I believe you were brought here for a reason.

I believe you are on the verge of doing something great. I believe you are on the verge of living the life you were always meant to live. I believe the strength you need to do that, already lives inside you.

And I know I can help you access that strength so you can find your joy, live your purpose and make your impact.

Maybe your change won’t be as radical as mine. Maybe you don’t need to uproot your entire life. That’s perfect too.

Even if the change you need to make is small, you’re in the right place.

Through my videos, my blog posts and my newsletter I’ll show you a step-by-step process for discovering the life you were born to live. And, I’ll give you the tools to access the inner strength necessary to live that life.

And if you're ready to embark on your journey now, I offer complimentary Clarity Breakthrough Sessions to 5 women per month to help you clarify your vision and purpose, discover hidden obstacles and fears holding you back and create a strategic plan of joyful action aligned with your soul to powerfully spring you forward into the fulfilling life of impact you know your here to have.

My schedule fills up quick and I only make a few of these available per month so click HERE to apply for your COMPLIMENTARY DIVINE PATH CLARITY SESSION!

The time is now dear one. Your gifts are too important to be held back any more. 

Welcome to the Awakening Woman's Journey.  Your greatest life has been waiting...


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