Manifesting the Impossible

Oh, you have this dream…
A vision of something you’d like to experience…

The only How

…Perhaps it’s living in your dream house.
…Perhaps it’s coaching with a teacher you’re always inspired by.
…Perhaps it’s getting to travel for a living.
…Perhaps its having an amazing loving community you feel deeply part of

Whatever it is, it tugs at you at night…
your heart skips any time you envision it…
and you think “I wish“, “If only“, “What if…”

And without an internal toolset for manifesting, it seems so far-fetched from your current reality, so illogical due to what’s going on in your life, you simply shove it under the carpet and sadly whisper to yourself…

No way. Not now. NO HOW.”

But in my years of studying manifesting and personal mastery, I’ve learned this one essential key to life:


In this post, I am super excited to share with you one of my many unfathomable stories of how I do just that to help you see how expanding outside your comfort zone and creating the life of your dreams is not as difficult, and certainly not as far-fetched, as your mind may think it to be!

(And by the way, this post is driven to serve me as much as you because I am in a moment of super-sized expansion in my life and while I’ve manifested the impossible countless of times in my life, the reminder of how friendly the universe really is, who I truly am and what I’m capable of when I play in an abundance of trust ALWAYS helps me more easily reach that next, seemingly unreachable rung! YES!)

Now on to the story…

It was 2009 and I had just relaunched my private coaching practice post grad school and was living in a quite uncertain not-sure-how-I’m-going-to-pay-rent period of life. During this time, my mentor for some years, Robert Tennyson Stevens, whom I was deeply immersed in studying Conscious Language and life mastery with, was offering an advanced 2 month long training experience in Texas which after lodging, travel and tuition, would come to a total of $12,000.


I’ll be honest with you, though I knew better, I got caught once again by the unconscious gravitational pull of old habitual ways to see the impossible as impossible and reacted from there, simply not even considering it because of how unrealistic it seemed.  And like a good obedient student to the teachings of my limited environment growing up, I just moved on with life.

Now about a month before the training, Robert was visiting LA and I was helping host some workshops for him. One day between sessions, we passed each other in the hallway and he stopped me and asked me if I was coming to Austin.

This time, however, my conscious empowered self won over the habituated response and I knew what I had to do.

FIRST, I SANK QUICKLY AND DEEPLY INTO MY HEART TO SEE IF I GOT A TRUE HEART YES (verses be led by what my mind thought was feasible or not).  I knew I had to find out first WHAT my heart desired and be moved from there rather than be head-led which usually meant focusing on the HOW and whether something seemed possible or not.

And in that beautiful sacred pause of a moment, the clearest, most certain answer came bursting through.


(And it was simple, with no emotion, just grounded and true.)

And I looked up at him, said “YES, I’m coming.” and he happily nodded at me and walked away.

Now, what happened next was THE 2ND CRUCIAL CHOICE POINT FOR ME ON THIS PATH; I was either going to let all the voices of “impossible” bubble up or I was going to declare an unshakable “NO!” to them and ensure not even an ounce of them would arise.

And that is exactly what I did.

With diligence and determination, I held that space of certainty for the next few weeks (in the seeming face of complete impossibility, remember, I didn’t even know how I was to pay rent!).  Using all my tricks and tools in my kit to combat and transform them when they did attempt to tug at me, I WAS ABLE TO ENSURE NO NEGATIVITY GOT AHOLD OF ME AND STAY CONNECTED TO THE YES OF MY HEART.

Fast forward to one week prior to the training, I still had no clue HOW I was going when I got the call.  It was a close friend of mine who believed in me tremendously calling to say he had decided to sponsor me and all I had to do was get myself there, everything else would be paid.

Yes. Pin drop silence. Gulp. Wow.  (I smiled with deep gratitude, not just for the gift but the real gift of the profound lesson of what led to this point).

And I bought a plane ticket right there and then and experienced one of the trainings of my life.

And so ladies, if you remember anything, remember this; it is not your job to know HOW rather WHAT you desire and the power of your TRUST to bring it about!  Not understanding this is one of the main reasons you don’t move forward with your dreams.

You see, you’ve been incorrectly taught that only what you see in your surroundings is real, and only what you know from the past is possible.  And since you don’t see your dream as existing already (nor has anyone in that you know of accomplished it) than it can’t possible be real, nor can it certainly be possible.

(And that is why so many folks almost burned Aristotle, Magellan and Columbus at the stake when they said the world was round. Because they were taught to only see what’s directly in front of them, missing out on an entire universe of abundance and possibility, and in their case, our entire glorious earth!)

You simply can’t believe just what you see or what you’ve been taught because our universe is beyond our comprehension and those scientific textbooks of life were written by people who can’t possible declare they know all.

And this, my dears, is the game of free will that we humans have been granted…

We can CHOOSE to keep moving from a place of impossibility and limitation based on what our eyes or brain calculate as possible…


We can CHOOSE to expand using a greater sight within us to show us our vision and tap into the vast, unfathomable creative source of the universe through loudly declaring YES.

In other words ladies, IF WE ARE TO STEP INTO OUR POWER & CREATE MAGNIFICENT, FULFILLING LIVES OF JOY THAT HAVE A DEEP IMPACT IN OUR WORLD… we have to start tapping into our hearts for our direction, not our minds.  We have to understand just how much we don’t know and that there is a vast universe of abundance, support and potential beyond our learned perception zones. And we have to let go of figuring out the how and believe beyond what our eyes and beans for brains perceive (compared to the vast wisdom of our heart) that what our heart longs for can truly come about. In fact, some will say it was fated to come about, that’s why the seed got planted in you and it is now up to your free will to allow it through, or not.

And so those of us choosing the Empowered Woman path, we choose and learn to allow. We play and experiment with getting out of our own way and holding our vision steadfast in our hearts.  And through this we usually find we are perfectly led to the persons, insight and actions that will make this seed, this dream, this vision come about.

And THIS IS WHEN THE REAL FUN STARTS… when we reach the point where we stop trying to understand the unfathomable and just rest in our trust for it… for it is then then THEN that we will be likely most connected to what’s really real and certainly most powerful.

With love and admiration for your willingness to say yes,


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  • Evelyn

    Reply Reply June 29, 2014

    So true Shirly, thank you for a beautiful explanation. Now to go and get out of my own way. Love it!!!

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 30, 2014

      Yes Evelyn! And beautiful woman, is it ever double the fun and certainly more powerful when we come together to hold each other’s intentions and visions in the light! I am seeing you and your magnificent creations come to life in magical, magnificent and joy filled ways now!!!! … Love you sister! <3

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