The Truth about Feeling Not Ready or a Fraud ***Vlog***

Hi beautiful soul..

Bear with me beautiful woman because I’m a bit fired up about something today and I just have to be honest with you (as I always am!)…

And what about?

Seeing again and again aspiring transformational entrepreneurs and change-makers keeping themselves from doing their great work because of that perpetual feeling of “not being ready” or feeling like I fraud.


I am done with…
… Seeing so many aspiring change-makers, healers and coaches not bring their CRUCIAL work to our world because of a feeling that is actually totally false.
… So many of you feeling deep frustration, doubt and perpetual longing because of a misunderstanding than can be so easily cleaned up.
The world missing out on your gifts because you’ve bought into a naive lie!

And so I made this fiery video to help you finally break through this idea that you’re a fraud or not yet ready!


Because the world needs you NOW!
Because I want you to feel the joy of knowing the true depth of your value NOW!
Because you can finally know without a shadow of a doubt what you bring and leap into action joyfully NOW!

This is what is available to you and with this video, I hope you will begin to remember the truth of just how amazing and glorious you ALREADY are!

Check out the video:

Standing ever for your brilliance,





Spiritual Counselor & Soul Power Coach for Mission-Driven Women Here to Make an Impact


  • Claudia Zebersky

    Reply Reply July 2, 2015

    Beautiful heart-felt authentic sharing Shirley! I touched me. Yes, We are ready. Thank you for showing up and lighting the path. I can wait to create my videos and start sharing away. Much love sister!

    • admin

      Reply Reply July 3, 2015

      You are so welcome beautiful! And yes! You, you radiant light you, are made for the camera! Can’t wait to see you shine in that medium the way you so brightly shine already! <3 Shirly

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