The Ironic Truth About Leaping into the Scary Unknown of your Soul’s Calling…

In a world where billboards tell us what to strive for
and who to be…

The Ironic Truth of Leaping And parents don’t know better than to inflict their limited visions and ideals on our individual souls…

We have learned a million ways to restrain and refrain from sharing what our hearts’ delight in, long for, dream of and worse, from delivering our soul’s much needed gifts to our world.

And this eons-old prison keeps us feeling lost, encaged and from experiencing the joyful Self-realization that comes from authentically expressing ourselves and doing the great work we are meant for.

An Exquisite Journey for Remembering Our Beautiful Selves

This is one of the primary reasons we’re here; to experience the joy that comes through freeing ourselves from the society-learned & self-perpetuated jail of…

… proper, pleasant, safe-so-as-to-not-rock-the-boat-or-be-rejected “relating”,
… creativity-smothering, limited-possibility-thinking that keeps us quiet, settling and our willingness small,
… and the boredom, superficiality, disconnection and discontent life that consequently result! Ah!

I know you get this.

You’re a savvy, spiritual, creative, awakening woman who has managed to maintain most of your soul’s essence, uniqueness and gifts alive…

However, reading this, you might also be one of the souls whom even with all your awareness, you are still holding back not really out in the world sharing THE GREATNESS YOU ARE!

I get it my dear, I too was there for so long.

Why do we still withhold and play small when we know better?!

After all the self-help books and seminars, why are so many of us still on the sidelines of life, waiting, hoping, longing for that  moment when it will be our time to shine (a moment that for now feels like a hazy, far-off-in-the-distance dream)?

Well, of the many reasons I help my clients discover and break through, one of them is simply this:


You see, living through the ideas of others for so long (and there are so many ways ALL of us do this that are hidden to our well-intended eye) makes free expression and sharing our gifts literally go against everything we have been taught. Our brains have been drilled so deeply to live a certain way, achieve certain things by set times and feel/look/act a certain way that when our soul says “hey, lets go over here instead and do what makes my heart sing“, on an unconscious level, left unchallenged for the nothingness it is, our innate human longing for belonging will feel threatened and the result: Terror, hesitation and withhold.

To the less evolved, programmed part of us that is driven by primal needs rather than higher callings, it feels utterly TERRIFYING as what else can come of “doing things our way”  but humiliation, rejection and the dreaded resulting isolation. And to this part, there is no worst case scenario and thus following our soul’s unique path must be avoided at all costs.

Now this is where it gets risky because this sneaky scared guy in there has many tricks up its sleeve to keep you from pursuing your dream! BUT if we name it and compassionately claim, we can move beyond it! 😀

So, perhaps now is a good time for deeply-self-loving, in-service-to-our-soul’s-calling HONESTY:

Might all the great excuses that keep me stuck actually be the perfectly-plotted cunning creations of this sly inner friend that is now looking like more of a foe?🙁

If you did just actually stop to ponder that, I really honor you sister! THAT is what I call true courage and self-love!

The Ironic Truth about Following Your Soul’s Call & Living Your Heart’s Truth

After years of fearfully hiding out and finally breaking through, I came to experience that the outcome of owning your voice and sharing your gifts couldn’t be any farther from this worst case scenario of lonely, fright-filled gloom! No!

Instead I came to discover that…

Unleashing the true (and sometimes huge) voice within you is actually one of the most gratifying and joy-filled experiences of your life!

Now be forewarned, the sentence above is something the fear-driven part inside will find hard to believe, so stay vigilant for any thoughts and feelings that arise that say otherwise. If you have some, that’s this part talking (AKA: Not YOU!).

Really, consider it for a moment…

What if this leap into the unknown of following your soul’s vision and mission is not the leap into some scary dark abyss filled with inescapable loneliness and trouble rather a leap back to the great beauty and wisdom you ALREADY hold inside… the very beauty and wisdom that others are desiring from you!?!

What if, while it feels completely new and unknown, sharing your gifts ironically feels radically and deliciously like home?!

This is what occurred for me; I discovered I was way more creative, resilient, clear, guided and impacting.  Mostly, I experienced a greater joy, enthusiasm, energy and sense of connection, purpose, faith and support than I ever dreamed of. AMAZING BLESSINGS TO SAY THE LEAST.

Yes! The leap is fantastic, exhilarating, rejuvenating and mostly, reminding of the beautiful being you truly are!

So give yourself this gift beautiful!

I did it! My clients did it! And you can do it too… independent of the voices in your head (I had many), how shy you feel (I was painfully), how not ready you feel (oh, that tricker at it again!).

YES! Make 2015 the year you take the leap, get the support you need, soar through the unknown territory of your soul and give yourself the joy and blessing from allowing the beauty waiting to be unleashed within you to finally come through!

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  • Michèle

    Reply Reply February 20, 2015

    LOVING this article and message Shirly!! <3

    • admin

      Reply Reply February 20, 2015

      Thanks beautiful! Sending you much love… Shirly

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