Your TRUE Purpose & What Dreams Really Serve

Oh, the call for a great purpose…
A path that can be so delicious AND so angst producing!

… Whether you know your purpose, are neck deep in it and feeling the anxiety to make it!
… Or don’t have a clue and are feeling the anxiety to discover it.

BUT WHY?!?! 

Why is something that should be the most exciting, heart-felt journey of our lives,
feel so intense, stressful and simply nerve-wrecking so much of the time?!?

You see, that anxiety, endless stress and even more endless striving and seeking is what happens when you don’t understand a deeper purpose these dreams and desires really serve.

It’s an ironic twist of fate…
Here you are,
Forever trying to prove your worth, power, capacity,
Forever trying to discover your “thing”, your contribution, your gift,
Forever working to reach that finish line where you feel fulfilled, accomplished, done,
But coming from such lack of fulfillment, that finish line will always elude you
And no matter what you accomplish, you will never feel fulfilled. 

What’s worse, you may drive yourself into the ground in the process.
Because from such an angst-filled, insecure, never-enough place,
You will miss out on discovering the very brilliance
that will help bring your bring most powerfully to life. 

To make sense of all this and help you tune into this greater purpose that will bring you greater peace now WHILE unleashing your brilliance, I made a short, sweet, inspirational video for you….

Check it out here ===>>>

in a deep, felt, joyous way…

I invite you to a heart-felt conversation with me for us to come together to explore your dreams, what frustrations and blocks you’re experiencing and discover together the most aligned next steps to feel fulfilled, powerful and clear now!

Apply here for the Complementary READY TO SHINE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION:

I only work with spiritually-aligned women
done with all the seeking,
ready to feel their greatest truth,
deepest fulfillment
and unleash their great work to the world.

If this is you and you’re ready…
ready to breakthrough the anxiety, fears, confusion and tension
that keep you from being a true, powerful change agent,
I look forward to this heart-felt activating call with you.

It will be a life and game-changing step.
I know you’re ready.

Standing for your Brilliance,
Shirly Joy Weiss

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Spiritual Leadership & Soul-Purpose Activation Coach
* Creator of the Soul-Freedom Coaching Method *

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