Why The Feminine Must Rise In Us All (For the Sake of Your Purpose, Sanity & Planet)

So I’m feeling super back on track and will continue to share the mega blessings I got from the crisis I mentioned last week.  For now, I feel called down a different and quite crucial topic that I feel influences not only the longevity and quality of your service path, but the health of our entire planet!

You see, the crisis I mentioned last week wasn’t just my own. This past month astounded me in the level of crisis I witnessed everywhere… from the media reporting about earthquakes and volcanoes to countless upheavals my clients were running to me with around their businesses, health, relationships… you name it, it felt like the volume on crisis had been turned way up!

Now on the surface they all seemed different but one thread they all had in common was this:

“They were partly all rooted in over-masculine ways suppressing the just as necessary feminine in us all!”

–  A couple that focused too much on business and money (at the cost of nurturing their body and relationships) experiencing a massive breakdown,
–  A woman who had been too much of a giver, her body generated extreme illness so she could receive,
–  Nations mechanically following rigid ideologies and traditions (rather than letting the heart lead spontaneously moment to moment), experiencing tremendous calamities and strife…

It is the basic science of living in a polarity-based universe; we either embrace the whole and live in the constant dance of dynamic equilibrium between opposites or deny any one side and suffer needlessly through imbalance…. in this case, the eons long denial of the feminine.


This is not about male bashing as this has nothing to do with gender. Every living being has feminine and masculine energy and the excessive masculine has been disproportionate in as all – men and women alike.

This is also not about eliminating the masculine that has reigned out of balance for so long with its logic, goal-oriented, competitive, leading from the head, isolating, self-serving ways. That would just create a feminine-dominant imbalance.

This is about balancing those masculine STRENGTHS with feminine strengths of receiving, intuition, feeling, collaboration, wholeness-centered and relationship-focused serving from the heart. Both are crucial and having one dominate is like walking with one leg; you move forward slowly and create lots of needless discomfort and pain along the way.


Since this imbalance was left unchecked for generations, we find ourselves where we are today; neck-deep in the individual and collective crisis of chronic disease, poverty, unnecessary strife between countries, unconscious ravaging our mother earth and a generation of humans who’s normal state is one of feeling depleted, alone and scared. Yikes.

But the healthy communion of strength and softness, giving and receiving, flourishing communities and self-actualization are what is available to us by balancing our masculine with our feminine… but only if we choose.

And that is my invitation for men and women alike!

Yes just like this invitation is aimed even at men, it is also aimed at us women who “feel” very feminine…

Even those of us who have flowing long hair, love skirts and wear tons of lipstick have been overly masculine in being so goal-focused, competitive and leading from our heads. Yes, we are all being called to a greater level of leading from our hearts.

And so today I ask all of us to:

… finally trust, follow and serve your beyond-reason intuitive wisdom that knows infinitely better than your minds ever will,
… faithfully and joyfully jump into collaboration because abundance is the only truth, together we are stronger and competition is a concept of the past,
… feel softness, ease and relaxation as we remember how trustworthy and supportive life is, receive the blessings always available and serve our selves by committing to serving life,
enjoy the moment – the sounds and sensations, the laughter and tears, the connection and longing – as much as the goals and destination,

And be here with each other deeply, uniting our hearts through the presence of love.

When we surrender to a greater knowing, connect fully in the moment, receive as much as give and lead from our hearts with love, WOW, will our world change. And it begins with you and me, in our homes, work and lives, today.


I know how important your mission is. I know how creative and excited you are. BUT if you don’t take time out to stop and smell the roses, connect to your deepest source, nurture your body and your relationships…

Your creativity will suffer, and worse, you will burn out.

And then who will you serve?

Furthermore, in a state of constant, hyper-speed striving, your inner guide’s voice is muted and you take steps and make choices that are inefficient, lead you off course and cause you to work more than necessary.

Where as when you move slowly, connected and in a state of trusting receivership… you balance your “POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN” with your “POWER TO ALLOW THINGS TO HAPPEN.” And in the space of faith and relaxation, you receive clear guidance that leads you (or brings to you) JUST the person, collaborations and clients that you need for your greatest success any given day.

“This is working smarter, not harder… all while we get to stop, play and have infinitely more fun along the way!”

Yes, stopping and playing will serve your cause! This is the balanced way. This is how great our universe is!


Where can I be more centered in faith and trust?
How can I balance my goals with nurturing, self-care and joy? How can I make my relationships and community as important as my individual purpose and work? How can I be softer, gentler, more loving with myself? My family? My community? My earth?
How can I love and nurture myself and my community as much as I do my business and goals today?


All “truths” today are nothing more than collective agreements based on mental and behavioral patterns… “truths” that naturally change and evolve as we do. In other words, if we change, the circumstances (and truths) will change!!

Studies such as the 100th monkey effect display this… when enough of us start being, thinking and doing something new in one community/area, eventually the information begins to catch on in the collective consciousness and these “new” ways begin to just pop up and appear in other communities and areas.

In other words, when enough of us remember that peace is only ever found within… when enough of us remember that joy is an inside job and never about my circumstances, the world will start feeling this way too.

Ultimately, this is the awakening occurring in humanity. We are all waking up from the collective illusion that our happiness occurs when _____ (I get the job, husband, millions, etc).

When enough of us finally stop looking to the outside to feel whole and fulfilled and learn that we are joyful in nature and it was only our perspectives that kept us clouded from knowing it… and when enough of us choose to let go of all the old limiting stories and blame and finally just choose to see love and feel content… WOW, the world will know it and wars will end. And it begins with this moment, with me.

“Am I choosing to feel incomplete and strive ruthlessly at the cost of all relationships, health and resources to feel accomplished and safe?”


“Will I choose to feel how beautiful and whole I am already? How supported I am that I can allow things, ideas and people to come to me… That I can be relaxed and focused on the here and now and trust that I am going to receive whatever wisdom, support and inspiration I need to act on and so I chill until I’m guided to do so?”

It begins with each one of those moments that accumulate over time and transform my life, my family, my community and eventually my world!!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of one act by you, me or another… its the only thing that has ever changed the world! <3

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