How to Move Through Fear & Resistance Easily Part 1

resistanceOh what AN AMAZING TRIBE TO BE PART OF… the revolutionary wave of trailblazers rising now to usher in an era of love, higher consciousness and abundance with our gifts!

(If you read my blog, you’re definitely part of this tribe!)

WHAT’S ALSO AMAZING IS HOW MANY OF SUCH CHANGE-MAKERS I SEE STUCK HIDING OUT and playing small, even with your amazing vision and inspiration!

… How many of you are in sheer resistance of the very place you want with all your heart to go!

And oh my dear one, do I get it!

Yes, I’ve moved myself and countless aspiring change-makers through just such a scenario in my Divine Path Activator Mentoring Programs for Aspiring Mission-Driven Women… THAT SCENARIO WHERE YOU HESITATE SHARING YOUR TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFTS BECAUSE…

You fear it’s going to be a huge undertaking and hard!
You’re confused by all the moving parts and fear all things that could go wrong.
It means so much to you, you fear how excruciating and difficult it would feel to fail.

And so you resist.

And now you seem to have TWO problems: Your fear of your destined path and the resistance keeping you from going there.


But what if I told you that resistance is:

1. Not the huge mountain to climb it seems and way easier to move through than you thought?
2. Actually your friend?

It’s true!

(And listen closely, because when you get this, you WILL find yourself no longer held back by the fears that used to and just willingly jumping into whatever next step your heart is guiding you into!)

So lets break it down point by point because again, if you get this, the game of your life will most definitely change:

Point 1: Resistance is Easy to Move through When You Understand What It Really Is

Say you find yourself in major resistance around leaving your job in order to be a full time coach because of the fear around what can go wrong (or anything else like resisting reaching out to possible collaborators, being visible on social media, offering a workshop, etc.).

Deep within what’s likely happening is you’re experiencing a whole lot of judgement and wild imagination assumptions about what may happen – you’ve likely labeled the journey as an uphill battle, the social leap as scary and the financial outcomes as uncertain – and these frightful assumptions are generating resistance.

And as if that is not enough, now having found yourself deep in the muddy guck of resistance, you’re likely feeling the resistance as grueling to break through and worse, a sign of your weakness or lack of readiness. YIKES!

Now I get it, according to your thinking, this potential leap into the unknown of your career feels clearly difficult, risky, dark and ill-defined. And who wouldn’t hesitate in moving forward on that?!?

But notice I said according to your thinking, not according to the situation.

And this is the heart of resistance…. the thinking behind it. 

Now, I know your thoughts feel totally real to you as you have them and the feelings they generate seem to point to the quality of the situation you’re experiencing (AKA: a “risky, scary” leap), however, the good news is that “feelings” can never belong to a thing, person or situation outside of you.

No path can be difficult.
No person can be irritating.
No leap can be scary.


Only your thoughts about the path, person and leap are!

In other words, if you are experiencing a path as difficult, you are simply having difficult thoughts about your path. If you are experiencing an irritating person, then, well, you get the idea… irritating thoughts.

Now, I’m not going to come at you with a simple and cheesy “So change you’re thoughts!”

Instead, I will say something new that you may find refreshing:

The truth is we can’t control our thinking!

Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable through “positive affirmations” and being constantly at guard of your thoughts, a better route is to just choose to control what you can control:

–  Your understanding that thoughts are just thoughts.
–  Your ability to choose which thoughts to believe and dwell on and which thoughts to let go.

So if you find yourself hesitating, procrastinating or resisting, one good place to look at is not at the situation, but at the quality of your thinking about the situation!

If you observe your thinking objectively (verses seeing it blindly as defining fact), chances are you’ll (re)discover that the only fact here is that you are actually a confident, powerful and creative person who’s security is just temporarily being clouded over by insecure thinking!

Yes, thoughts are rarely true you see, they are simply fleeting objects of consciousness that can be as wild and fictional as the latest Hollywood blockbuster. And you don’t believe what you see in the movies as cold hard fact, do you?

What I have found is that the universe (in this case, the mind) abhors a vacuum, and as I let limiting thoughts go and allow myself to RELAX in the present moment, it isn’t long before a thought of a different kind (from a deeper part of me) emerges… a thought based in possibility and potential, a thought based in creativity and inspiration, a thought that causes me to leap into action “easily” verses trying to push my way through the mud of resistance feeling huge difficulty, frustration and strain.

This is the first key to breaking through resistance on your path… letting go of the only thing ever creating resistance in the first place: Your thoughts.

Now stay tuned for part two of this post where I teach you about the second point… how resistance just may be your friend.  This will help you not only move through it quickly, but will help you realize just how trustworthy your inner self and true nature really is!


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Standing for your brilliance,
Shirly Joy Weiss
Spiritual Counselor & Empowerment Coach for Aspiring Change-Makers

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