My Response to the Atrocities in Orlando, Paris and Beyond…

Now more than ever, our world is consumed with the messy confusion and pain so many are feeling after this weekend in Orlando.

I created this week’s video specifically for those who are feeling hurt and powerless in the face of such worldly issues.

I hope this inspirational message will not only give you greater peace but ignite you greatest power so you don’t feel helpless anymore.

In it, I’ll discuss:

… Why people truly do such horrific action
… The constant underlying (and beautiful) truth in us all
… Why love is in fact the answer and not a naive Pollyanna delusion
… The power love has to both create ease in your personal life AND harmonize our entire planet
… Scientific prove for the power of love (to you AND to others)
… How to truly live, feel and be a source of love!

After you’ve watched, leave a comment below and let me know…

What did you think about my message and how can you be a part of the solution?

Leave a comment below and I can’t wait to hear from you!


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