[SoulBiz Vlog] Breaking Inertia & Ego Kung-Fu

Dearest soul superstar…

In a sea of new year messages portraying super-women rocking their resolutions, I have a different kind of message today…

One that may actually bring you closer to having 2016 be the year you bring through that BIG VISION you keep pushing off to “someday“!

As seductive as those ads are, during this post-holiday time what I see are many women feeling sluggish, stuck and disconnected from their mission.

See, these feelings are 100% normal BUT for creative, visionary women like us, if we don’t move through such feelings masterfully, it can be not only disorienting and disheartening…

It can be the reason you keep your genius suppressed in a small, safe box and that greater vision in you from seeing the light of day.

Mostly, because…

“This natural emptiness is perfect ego food!”

Yes, the ego will use natural state of energy such as inertia as bait and feed you such convincing vision-distorting ideas as these, it’s hard not to hold back…

“It must not be time.”
“Feeling this way, who am I to be a leader?!”
“I must clearly not have what it takes to step up my game.”

Anything to get you to withhold and not realize the supported vessel for brilliance you are!

But the truth is – EVEN IN EMPTINESS – there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

All this is is a natural rhythm of life making way for more greatness to come through you! And learning to flow with & not get stuck in such inertia is one of the greatest skills not just as a trailblazer and entrepreneur but as a human.

And it’s not knowing this that keeps you stuck.
… And then the slightest dip in motivation and you find yourself questioning all again.
… And worse, locked in the (painful) comfort of small-scale service and Big Visions suppressed.

“Isn’t it time you stop this painful insanity of pivoting between inspiration & doubt that gets you nowhere?”

Watch the inspirational VLOG to below…
After years of playing small I broke through.
I know you can too.

Standing for your Brilliance,


* Feminine Leadership & Soul-Purpose Activation Coach for Change-Making Women *

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