***Vlog*** WORKING ON YOURSELF DOESN’T WORK!! (Or How I Healed my Depression & Ignited my Passion)

Beautiful souls!

Happy new year! May this year bless you with greater love, peace, abundance & health than ever before!!! <3

I’m in full-on work mode again after a month holiday and where as others are sad about getting back to work, I’m actually relieved!

“YES, I’M RELIEVED TO BE BACK AT WORK ~ you heard it right!”

And not because I’m a workaholic.
And not even because my work is what I love to do most: Inspire Greatness.
(Although that’s part of it)

I’m relieved because while I am grateful to have the finances & space to take a month off, this time away spent dilly-dallying around reminded me a couple of things…

First, that we’re here not to rest but to know our unique brilliance & endless creative power and live full on as we bring that creativity to life!

But, mostly it reminded me of this:

… 1) How working on yourself doesn’t work!
(WATCH my VLOG BELOW to know what I mean!!!)

… 2) How I healed decades of deep depression IN A VERY SHORT TIME!

… 3) And how key it was to ignite the passion in me that created my current glorious life and thriving conscious business that is making a big impact on the world!

“AND THAT’S THE KEY: when I stopped trying to fix myself, my entire life transformed – AND PRACTICALLY OVERNIGHT!”

When I owned my value and gifts and chose to make the focus of my life sharing my Love (vs constantly focusing on fixing myself, self-growth & trying to get love), how I felt and what I experienced changed more quickly than 10+ of self-development work!

I went from…
… Barely surviving & confused in business to thriving, clear and empowered in my leadership!
… Depressed, anxious and unfulfilled to ignited, passionate and living in awe!
… Alone and feeling at the mercy of circumstances to feeling supported, powerful and abundant!

And you can hear the entire tale in a periscope VLOG I did this morning!

If you’re ready to GO FROM  SELF-HELP JUNKIE ~ to ~ AN ACTUALIZED SPIRITUAL CHANGE-MAKER, CREATOR & WOMAN ROCKING THIS WORLD, the message in this video may be just what you need!

My viewers who caught it live were so grateful to hear it and I know you will too!
Watch it here:

Standing for your brilliance!




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