From insanity to reality: What’s keeping you from knowing your true brilliance

Hello beautiful women,

God, I love my work.amazonian

To get to facilitate women letting go of the limiting stories that have unknowingly kept them feeling small in their work and relationships and help awaken them to the beauty already within so they can finally share their brilliance confidently with our world them is miraculous, breath-taking and such a blessing.

Today’s share is about one such miraculous session with a client

In this session, something deeply universal emerged that keeps MANY women feeling “not enough” and from knowing the powerful goddesses you are and I knew it needed to be shared with you all NOW.

Here’s what happened…

My client is a most delicious, gifted powerhouse of sweet feminine grace, warmth and love… And while she has such a natural gift to be a powerful vessel for upliftment, she has been holding herself back from fully stepping into her role as a coach because of the stories in her head such as…

“I am not fully walking my talk yet.” or “I still have to become more of a woman.”

… You know, the type of stunning amazonian woman who looks a certain way and has a certain powerful radiance and energy about her…

And to my client, she didn’t feel she was there yet.

Can you relate?!?

… Do you also feel you have yet to embody some necessary glowing state of radiance before you can legitimately put yourself out there as a change-maker?

… Do you feel not woman enough, empowered enough, or that you yet to embody some mythical goddess-like essence and alluring feminine amazonian confidence to allow yourself to claim your role as a leader or guide?

… Do you feel you lack that sensual, gorgeous, confident “je ne sais quoi” of a goddess that turns heads when she walks in a room and so who are you to call yourself an empowered coach, healer, guide (or even wife)?

Oh, my dear one, how I hear you and feel you.

My client was feeling exactly that yesterday and have I been there so many times myself… reaching for some idealized, amazonian, wonder woman version of me… with my curves perfectly kicking, an unshakeable smile always on, my strength limitlessly accomplishing great feats of nature, my nurturing heart infinitely radiating and my mysterious allure ALWAYS attracting all!


Can we all now come back to the REALITY found HERE AND NOW, in our hearts?!

You see, this goal is doomed to allude us… it is a programmed longing that rather than bring us closer to some state of being where we are finally glorious and confidently gliding through rooms in our grace and beauty, actually sends us deeper into a state of dis-grace, dis-comfort, dis-empowerment and ultimately, dis-ease.


1. SHE DOESN’T EXIST (Not on this realm of existence anyway!) because she is an idea, IN THE HEAD, not who we GLORIOUSLY are, already, in the present.
2. The very nature of the goal is what is causing our dis-comfort in the first place, not the perceived lack of being this mythical creature of the jungle.

As we innocently continue to embrace and reach for the amazonian wonder woman mystique, we are not striving and reaching for the development of ourselves… NO! It may seem we are on the self-development path but if you slow it down and break it down to what’s really happening, what you’re doing is bringing thoughts of insufficiency and not-enoughness into your consciousness. And since what you bring into your consciousness is what creates your experience, you are unknowingly literally choosing to experience insufficiency and not-enoughness.

The real cost of this is not just the ick, sadness, insecurity and doubt that you naturally feel as you have these these thoughts of insufficiency and “not there yet” in your awareness…

The real cost is:

You miss out on the glorious, beautiful, bountiful you that you already are here and now!


So what happened with my client as I helped her realize this tragic irony she had actually been living out?

Even though she’s naturally gifted as a coach, unconsciously holding this media-induced unachievable ideal for herself in her head, there was no way she could allow herself to step into her mission.

She was literally claiming herself as never enough and not even knowing she was doing it.

And so as we helped her see this ellusive ideal she was holding agains herself, in a miraculous instant, the story and ideal fell away. (AND OH HANG ON TIGHT, BECAUSE THIS IS WHEN IT GETS GOOD…)

As soon as it fell away in the deeply embodied way I help facilitate (NOTE: this is the way that counts because we all know what its like to “get something intellectually” but not have it click in your body, experience and life)…

As soon as she let go of this amazonian wonder woman ideal, in the space created she immediately connected to her innate feminine grace and realized she already was everything she feels a woman is.

She already was soft, nurturing, loving, present, warm, amazing.
She already was sensual, connected and grounded.

And she instantly laughed as much as she paused in astonishment.

And we sat there, in a glorious space of miraculous silence for a few delicious moments, as she simmered in the new-found, deeply embodied blessing of a realization that she was in fact already there… already the woman her heart wants her to be.

Yes, there are a lot of such pauses in my sessions with clients as we both relish in the life-changing realizations that emerge and I just had to share this one because it is such a universal and because it was particularly moving to witness a woman have eons of societal programming of insufficiency fall away in a matter of minutes and deeply touch the beauty of her already amazing feminine self…. of the miraculous, goddess of a woman she already is.

No “becoming” necessary.

And so my beautiful sister, I hope this tale inspires you to consider what programmed ideals are you holding against yourself that rather than catapult you into growth, actually keep you from knowing the brilliance you already are here and now.

Standing for your brilliance,
Shirly Joy Weiss


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