Your Soul’s Radical Way for Getting Unstuck & Accelerating your Mission

Clarity seeking

Every entrepreneur (and human) has been there…

Trying hard to accomplish a goal but you feel blocked, unproductive and that you’ve hit a wall!

No matter how hard you try, you feel stuck. The faster you spin your wheels, the slower you seem to move and on this 1-way ticket to nowhere, you begin to seriously doubt yourself!

I especially see this in novice entrepreneurs and aspiring change-makers who put huge effort into building their visions and after a year of strenuous, anxious effort, they find themselves not far from where they startedeven though they’ve collected every kind of business strategy, tactic and advice!

(Sound like you?)

But your vision continues to call and although you feel doubtful and worn, you take a deep breath and jump in weary-eyed to try again (god bless you beautiful spirit!).

BUT, what if I told you your heartfelt yet exhausting EFFORTING IS THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD BE DOING?!


That’s right beauties, your soul doesn’t believe in No pain, No gain“!

(***In other words, all that anxious trying and striving is coming from a lower place***)

And it is what you do in these moments of frantic frustration and bewildering blocks (or better said, what part of you you choose to be led by… soul or ego), that differentiates those who grow to experience their destiny as trailblazers and leaders of a new paradigm from those that, for now, don’t and continue to stay stuck, watching others from the sidelines with longing eyes. Sigh.

But fear not my sisters… if this stuck feels like where you are now, read on because I’ve got something juicy, soul-driven and unexpected to beat your stuck-in-a-muck blues.

There are many ways I help my clients unearth their Soul’s endless creativity and experience uninterrupted, effortless creative flow… And for now, I want to invite you to do something radically simple, powerful and counter-intuitive to get your flow on again:

Rather than continue to move full speed ahead, frantically trying to break through blocks and make your work flourish, today I want to invite you instead slowwwwww down…

Just for today, make it totally OK that you are blocked, stop any preconceptions about where you “should” be and instead RELAX… slow your pace, breathing, movements BUT most importantly, slow your flurry of thoughts!

That’s right, let all your seemingly crucial thoughts go, no matter how dire and truthful they seem!

If you find yourself in a whirlwind of anxious thought, TRYING once again to figure all out… just take another breath, say “Whoops!” and again, FOR TODAY choose to let those persistent but draining thoughts go.

TODAY, you aren’t going to try to figure out anything. You are just going to relax, unconditionally love yourself and allow things to be.

And if you want to really help things along… do whatever activities help you really slowwww down your mind chatter: Have fun, connect to the present moment in nature, REALLY listen to someone receiving their beauty, eat a snow-cone and let your hair down!

What I’m inviting you to do here is stop the insecure mental thinking you’ve been fruitlessly running over and over. Clearly it hasn’t worked so time to do something else…NOTHING!.

By relaxing, what you’re doing is making the space for the REAL NEVER-ANXIOUS YOU to step in and finally be the one who directs and guides (AKA you are allowing your soul’s higher wisdom to bring you some fresh thinking and higher ideas!).

You see, you already have ALL the wisdom you need inside of you (this is one of the primary things I teach my clients to consistently access that helps them flow and succeed better than any business strategy ever will)…

BUT you have been habitually allowing YOUR show to be directed by a limited, frantic, insecure, lower self within rather than the greater universal intelligence waiting patiently to move you in extraordinary, miraculous and efficient ways.

So what will happen if you actually experiment with slowing down?

Well, you just may find that in the space you created, suddenly…

… You get an insight as to a simple but effective next step,
… You feel an urge to write an article that breaks you through,
… An unexpected inspiring email arrives in your inbox or the person perfectly positioned to support you shows up at your front door.

Whatever the case, it’s in that S-P-A-C-E that clarity and miracles emerge, NOT from the mental traffic jam of efforting!

And it is with this space that I’m inviting you to play with!

Seems so simple but it is a lesson I’ve learned time and again in my 15 years as a spiritual counselor and soul power coach:

“The quickest way to accelerate your mission is to slow down because only with a slow mind will you make space for higher viewpoints & ideas to emerge from your Soul.”

So if you are feeling frantic, stuck and confused, hitting wall after proverbial wall… Do what all the great ancient sources of wisdom say… STOP, take a deep breath in and remember:

You are ONE WITH a SOURCE infinitely wiser than you that would like to step in and help you, if only you would surrender and get out of the way.

Try it and see!

Standing for your brilliance,



Spiritual Counselor & Soul Power Coach for Aspiring Mission-Driven Women Ready to Confidently Share their Gifts


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