What is Divine Confidence?

There’s a huge misconception in many people pursuing self-development that its going to take endless hours of processing and cultivating confidence to finally feel it someday.

But after years of painful insecurity, my life (and sense of self) changed forever when I discovered the truth about confidence.

See, this notion that it takes a lot of heavy lifting to get to a true felt level of confidence, enlightenment or whatever other spiritual goal you have starts to naturally dissolve when you “SEE” your true divine nature apart from the insecure thoughts moving through you

Or better said, when you realize that confidence is who we innately are!

Watch this video below for a sweet and brief explanation of what I mean…

If you truly experiment with what I share in the video…

If you allow yourself to stop and breathe so your crazy-making thinking can settle (and you can finally relax), you will discover, as I did, that confidence is what remains!

Yes, confidence is what remains when you are no longer fixated on doubtful thoughts.

It sounds utterly simple, because it is. But that in a nutshell is what we’ve been innocently doing.

We have been innocently unaware of our constant true divine nature, thinking instead we are the fleeting thoughts moving through us. AND we have been innocently clouding this steady, confident, clear nature by fixating on temporary thoughts of worry, doubt and fear moving through us.

And so next time you have thoughts that create fear and anxiety, don’t spend energy trying to fix them…

Simply recognize them for the fleeting, illusory experiences they are (not worthy of your precious attention) and instead put your attention in getting curious about what IS truly constant and real:

YOU and the beautiful present moment occurring all around you.

And if, my dear, you’re ready to live from your center of deep confidence within both for the sake of your Soul’s mission and the joy and ease with which you live life…

You’re next step may simply be a conversation with me!

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