One (Quick) Way Through Fear

So many of us are held back from our greatest life and the pursuit of our dreams by fear… The stories in our heads feel that real. What if… What if… What if… After years of habitually telling these stories, they become so familiar, that its difficult for us to see any possibilities beyond them.  And it feels utterly…

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RUTS (or the Shadows Lurking Behind Them)

Hi ladies! Since last week we spoke of distractions and the hidden self-sabotage sometimes found to cause them, I thought I’d continue the topic this week from a different angle: Today’s feminine empowerment topic: RUTS (or the Shadows Lurking Behind Them). Ah, ruts; those moments of paralysis when we lose out on that irreplaceable of…

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Spiral into conformity or awaken my magnificence? (A taste of the book finally coming through me)

So as the mystery continues to work through me, MY BOOK finally and quite unexpectedly started to come through last week! Yahoooooo!!!!!! Here’s a raw, unedited taste of what’s coming in… CAUTION: Only for those on the path of empowerment, purpose and living for real in the real!  😀 —– It finally sunk in. My…

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