Finally Breaking Through Stuckness – The Power of Nutripuncture Part 1

npI couldn’t have said my feelings about Nutripuncture better than the quote on this image!

A couple years ago, though I had achieved deep transformation with myself & clients, I still observed a level of “stuckness” & patterns in varying areas of life…. relationships, health and SENSE OF SELF… in most that seemed to not budge. Ever determined in my growth and support of my clients, I sent a loud call to the universe to bring me the understanding to take all my healing work to the next level so we could truly experience the clarity, sense of self and vitality we so yearned for… so we could finally break free from the bondage of learned relationship patterns and ways of being that made us feel in a hamster wheel or constantly hitting walls…

… and the universe answered by brining me Nutripuncture; a system of healing that combines acupuncture, psychology and modern physics and uses minerals instead of needles to stimulate the vital energy pathways in the body and in a sense “rewrite physical, emotional and mental disturbance patterns and imprints” to allow our true selves and real vitality through.

I’ve been on the Nutripuncture journey for a couple years now, both as student/user and practitioner, and I continue to be astounded by the depth of change I’ve experienced in my body, my relationships, my life. All, my consciousness work and strive to be the empowered woman I know I am have taken quantum leaps and everything seems to be magically falling into place in in every area of life as a result. And the new, upgraded transformation I am now seeing in my clients is extraordinary as well.

As this individual said, layer by layer, it brings us back to our selves, our power and our light from which life flows, creativity explodes, relationships become easier, and we feel centered, confident, connected and strong.

Thank you Spirit, Filiz Bakir at Thrive Wellness Center and of course Dr. Veret and his amazing Nutripuncture team. I am super excited to be able to share this magnificent modality with my tribe and have us all experience the amazing sense of aliveness and well-being we all know is available deep within!!!

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