Manifesting the Impossible

Oh, you have this dream… A vision of something you’d like to experience… …Perhaps it’s living in your dream house. …Perhaps it’s coaching with a teacher you’re always inspired by. …Perhaps it’s getting to travel for a living. …Perhaps its having an amazing loving community you feel deeply part of Whatever it is, it tugs at…

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RUTS (or the Shadows Lurking Behind Them)

Hi ladies! Since last week we spoke of distractions and the hidden self-sabotage sometimes found to cause them, I thought I’d continue the topic this week from a different angle: Today’s feminine empowerment topic: RUTS (or the Shadows Lurking Behind Them). Ah, ruts; those moments of paralysis when we lose out on that irreplaceable of…

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just say yes.png

Victims or Creators of Distractions (Or How to Finally Live a Real YES)

I HEAR IT ALL THE TIME… “I want to do more with my life… to write that book… go back to school… learn to surf… create that dream business of mine… But every time I say YES I’m going to do it, something gets in the way!” Suddenly your computer crashes… Suddenly you get a…

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planetary change begins within

Willful Ignorance, Life Purpose & the Health of our World

So what do willful ignorance, life purpose and the health of our world have in common??? Why talk about the health of our Earth and its creatures in an empowerment blog for women meant to ignite them to their feminine brilliance and life purpose? Well, my answer begins earlier today when I saw an eye-opening…

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Finally Breaking Through Stuckness – The Power of Nutripuncture Part 1

I couldn’t have said my feelings about Nutripuncture better than the quote on this image!A couple years ago, though I had achieved deep transformation with myself & clients, I still observed a level of “stuckness” & patterns in varying areas of life…. relationships, health and SENSE OF SELF… in most that seemed to not budge.…

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Spiral into conformity or awaken my magnificence? (A taste of the book finally coming through me)

So as the mystery continues to work through me, MY BOOK finally and quite unexpectedly started to come through last week! Yahoooooo!!!!!! Here’s a raw, unedited taste of what’s coming in… CAUTION: Only for those on the path of empowerment, purpose and living for real in the real!  😀 —– It finally sunk in. My…

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(A spontaneous vulnerable and raw share about sex, body image, age and my experience of what real beauty is.) I’m not 40, yet. Lets just say I’m closer to 40 than to 35 (heehee)… AND as much as I’m kidding around about my age here, the truth is, I wouldn’t change it for anything! You…

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What is Real Success #54

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Why am I not “there” yet!?!?!?!

So many of us have felt frustrated for not yet having the perfect business, partnership, body, bank account… Life. So many of us fall into the trap of berating ourselves for where we have yet to go, what we have yet to achieve, what we have yet to become… And in this frustrated longing, we…

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butterfly woman

Don’t Quit Before The Miracle

I am so deeply moved by this image… reminded about all the times, I have found myself, my clients and the beautiful souls around me on the floor, surrounded by what appears to be bleak dirt, everything seeming hopeless, the vision of the greater unfolding not in immediate sight. And yet a greater unfolding is…

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