Your Soul’s Radical Way for Getting Unstuck & Accelerating your Mission

Every entrepreneur (and human) has been there… Trying hard to accomplish a goal but you feel blocked, unproductive and that you’ve hit a wall! No matter how hard you try, you feel stuck. The faster you spin your wheels, the slower you seem to move and on this 1-way ticket to nowhere, you begin to seriously…

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How to Move Through Fear & Resistance Easily Part 1

Oh what AN AMAZING TRIBE TO BE PART OF… the revolutionary wave of trailblazers rising now to usher in an era of love, higher consciousness and abundance with our gifts! (If you read my blog, you’re definitely part of this tribe!) WHAT’S ALSO AMAZING IS HOW MANY OF SUCH CHANGE-MAKERS I SEE STUCK HIDING OUT and…

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How my innocence was taken from me… (and what this has to do with leadership and confidently sharing our gifts)

Hello again beautiful soul… I feel really drawn to share with you today a very personal tale of how my innocence was taken from me (and what this has to do with leadership and confidently sharing our gifts with our world). I remember like it was yesterday… I was six years old and my older…

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Empowered Woman’s Vlog: A Delicious Way to Move through Doubt

To be an empowered woman doesn’t mean you’ll never experience doubts or insecurities, rather you know how to move through them and not let them stop you from living the joyful, fulfilling live you know you’re here to live! In this vlog, I share with you one of the most delicious ways to move through doubts…

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One (Quick) Way Through Fear

So many of us are held back from our greatest life and the pursuit of our dreams by fear… The stories in our heads feel that real. What if… What if… What if… After years of habitually telling these stories, they become so familiar, that its difficult for us to see any possibilities beyond them.  And it feels utterly…

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planetary change begins within

Willful Ignorance, Life Purpose & the Health of our World

So what do willful ignorance, life purpose and the health of our world have in common??? Why talk about the health of our Earth and its creatures in an empowerment blog for women meant to ignite them to their feminine brilliance and life purpose? Well, my answer begins earlier today when I saw an eye-opening…

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Finally Breaking Through Stuckness – The Power of Nutripuncture Part 1

I couldn’t have said my feelings about Nutripuncture better than the quote on this image!A couple years ago, though I had achieved deep transformation with myself & clients, I still observed a level of “stuckness” & patterns in varying areas of life…. relationships, health and SENSE OF SELF… in most that seemed to not budge.…

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Spiral into conformity or awaken my magnificence? (A taste of the book finally coming through me)

So as the mystery continues to work through me, MY BOOK finally and quite unexpectedly started to come through last week! Yahoooooo!!!!!! Here’s a raw, unedited taste of what’s coming in… CAUTION: Only for those on the path of empowerment, purpose and living for real in the real!  😀 —– It finally sunk in. My…

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Why am I not “there” yet!?!?!?!

So many of us have felt frustrated for not yet having the perfect business, partnership, body, bank account… Life. So many of us fall into the trap of berating ourselves for where we have yet to go, what we have yet to achieve, what we have yet to become… And in this frustrated longing, we…

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butterfly woman

Don’t Quit Before The Miracle

I am so deeply moved by this image… reminded about all the times, I have found myself, my clients and the beautiful souls around me on the floor, surrounded by what appears to be bleak dirt, everything seeming hopeless, the vision of the greater unfolding not in immediate sight. And yet a greater unfolding is…

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